Our Mission:
The Tough Warrior Princesses are committed to raising funds for cancer research, educating and enlightening the public on the need to find a cure, and providing support to women and their families impacted by cancer.

What we do...

The Tough Warrior Princesses understand that a cancer diagnosis is life altering. It can be a long uphill battle filled with numerous challenges all while fighting for survival. These challenges can have a devastating emotional impact for families as well as a loss of financial security. The TWP provide resources and support to assist these women in their time of need.

Through a variety of community events, the Tough Warrior Princesses educate and enlighten the public on the need for a cure. By sharing our stories of survival, we have inspired others, and as a result, gathered an army of supporters that continues to increase daily.

Finding a cure for cancer requires research. Over the past several years, the TWP have donated almost $250,000 to cancer research.

What would a world with­out cancer be like? Just imagine...
The Tough Warrior Princesses (TWP) imagine this every day. We imagine it for our friend Maurine, a mother and wife who recently lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer. We imagine it for the seven survivors of our group diagnosed before the age of 40. We imagine it for our children and for the future.
What began as two survivors, hoping to make a difference, has developed into something more magical than any of us could have imagined. The friendship of two amazing women turned into a large group of inspired men and women who realized that any woman affected by cancer needs encouragement, support, and to be able to enjoy life. Thus was born the Tough Warrior Princesses.

Our Founders:
Sherri Ziomek had not given much thought to cancer until she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Throughout her treatment and recovery, Patty supported Sherri on her journey. Being the mother of 3 teens, a boy and twin girls, Sherri is more than motivated to find a cure and help others who have been impacted by cancer.
Patty Mellon had always had cancer in the back of her mind since her mother’s passing when Patty was just a young woman. When she, herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, Patty turned to Sherri for support and guidance. The mother of two teenage girls, one of whom battles juvenile diabetes, Patty, has taken on cancer as a personal mission.

Throughout their breast cancer journey, their participation in many breast cancer events, and their quest for a cure, a great friendship developed and blossomed into more than these two women ever expected.
Your partnership with us will allow us to further our mission to support more women and their families affected by cancer with the help of your contributions. The Tough Warrior Princesses rely on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations to support our programs throughout the year.